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Blazed National Estate Code


This document has been drafted by the Blazed National government in order to define, protect, and delineate the legal existence of virtual real esate, which is to be hosted on domains owned by Blazed Labs LLC and Ruff Management Inc. The virtual real-estate may be then developed by or on behalf of one or more agents (the owners).

A virtual property, once developed, becomes a building, which may contain virtual assets and be ordained as a virtual place of business by the Blazed National government

This document shall be sworn into law after being signed by all the keys of the sitting council members.


The Blazed Nation is a micronation which is principally located within servers, data-centers, home computers, and other digital client/host access machines, but is experienced through individual and collective action (both by humans and by bots).

The Blazed Nation defines its "Land" within the BLZ-29739 a.k.a. "The Constitution"1. Not all land is "real property" (some land cannot be owned).

The Blazed Nation reserves its right to expand or restrict the total "land" scope, but will refrain from doing so without consulting stakeholders first.

Real Property

The Blazed Nation defines "Real Property" within its borders as:

"Any parcel of land, or series of adjacent parcels, which can be bought, sold, developed, and visited"

Identification of Real Property

Real property must be identified before it can be bought and sold to the open market. To be considered valid, a claim to any property must be accompanied by a verifiable and legal property description[^2].

The property description requires the size of the target claim, the location area, plus a unique identifier for this new plot.

Once completed, a property description must be approved by the Department of Reality. If approved, a "place" record will be created with zero rooms, and the deed5 will be created and signed over to the claimant. A plot with zero rooms is undeveloped land, and thus it will not show up as visible to users. To accept guest traffic, the claimant will have to develop the land.


A plot is one or more parcels of real property, which have been combined or zoned individually in the open market. Unlike unclaimed real property, all plot (or plot(s)) have an owner and can be developed.


Each plot must have a unique addressing sequence to differentiate between plots. The first term of the address is the area number. The second term is a random or vanity slug (alphanumeric string). The slug must be unique accress the whole nation, so users are not required to provide an area number to visit a location.


Each plot shall be ordained a zone by its managing municipality. The available zones are as follows:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Government

The zone (assigned by a governing body or council) shall enforce restrictions upon the type of development and activity which may occur while one or more party/parties are virtually present (regardless of whether or not that/those party/parties carry-out the activity directly, or if they utilize, or otherwise instruct an AI or BOT user to carry-out or aid in carrying-out the activity/activities).


Zoning Restrictions

In General, residential zoned properties are restricted from all public-facing business activity, but more specifically from using a property zoned for residential use as a principal location of business, unless: (1) The business activity carried out is related to the regular operations and maintenance of an apartment building, condominium, single family residence, or any other dwelling located on a residentially zoned plot. (2) The user is in possession of the proper licenses and permits required by their local municipality. And/Or, (3) The business activity is performed while an employee, contractor, or business owner works from their home.

Any property which has been zoned for industrial, commercial, and/or government use may not be used to provide dwelling to any user or bot, unless: (1) The building has been developed for mixed-use, and the property has been approved by its local residing municipality. (2) A property has been reclaimed or redeveloped to support residential dwelling, and has been re-zoned or otherwise approved for residential dwelling by the residing municipality.

Any propery which has not been zoned for industrial use, may not be used in manufacuring, refining, or other restricted industrial activities.

Property Title

Generally, title is associated with real estate and signifies absolute ownership2. Initially, title is granted to the acquiring party after the successful closing of a transaction or property claim. A deed is used to prove title in legal disputes when full legal title is held. Full legal title (or Allodial title) constitutes ownership of real property that is independent of any superior landlord.

Title owners can choose to sublet, rent, and/or lease units within their property to users and bot tenants. In such cases, the tenants do not have full title over rented property, rather the tenants have equitable title only.

In the event of a property sale, ownership of the deed is transfered to the acquiring party.

Tenant Rights

Landlords are required to inform a tenant (or tenants) of an upcoming eviction no less than thirty (30) days prior to termination of a rental or lease agreement. This notice requirement does not apply to fixed-term leases.

Landlords are required to inform tenants about upcoming planned maintenance, changes to the lease or rental agreement, and orders to vacate.

To report a violation of tenant rights, the tenant may file a civil complaint


Real Estate Bonds

To help fund land and infrastructure development, a special kind of bonds will be issued called Real Estate Bonds3. A single bond may consist of any number of real property assets owned by the bond's issuer, the collective equity represented by the backed assets shall serve as collateral in the event of default by the issuing party. In addition to the collateral, an issuing party must also be sponsored by one or more investment banks whom agree to help repay investor losses in the event of an issuer default. See BLZ-29739 Section 2.I for more information about bonds.

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a managed fund which pools money from shareholders to invest in securities.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Any reality trust (REIT)4 organizations operating within the Blazed Nation will recieve tax breaks.


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  • ^2: To create a land description, a surveyor must first study the boundaries, and either obtain a local plat (plot map) or work with the local municipality to help create one.

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  1. The total lands comprising the Blazed Nation (as defined within BLZ-29739):,,,,, and

  2. Title is the aggregate of legal rights enjoyed by a person under law towards the ownership and possession of a property. 

  3. Real estate bonds are fixed-income investments or loans, backed by real property. 

  4. A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a company that owns, and in most cases operates, income-producing real estate. REITs own many types of commercial real estate, including office and apartment buildings, warehouses, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels and commercial forests. Some REITs engage in financing real estate.Source

  5. A deed is any legal instrument in writing which passes, affirms or confirms an interest, right, or property and that is signed, attested, delivered, and in some jurisdictions, sealed.