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Blazed National Government

Blazed City "Blazed City"


  • What is a Digital Estate? A digital estate is essentially a collection of assets tied to a single user or digial property. An asset is either tangible (a file) or intangible (a collection of metadata).
  • What is a Digital Municipality? A digital municipality is a collection of digital estates which are all governed under the same regulation code/law.
  • Who are the Agents? The agents within this system are government organizations, business organizations, users, and AI/bots.



Blazed Cash (B$)

Blazed Cash is an equity liquity system which allows companies to issue/mint digital currency linked to company equity.

Central Banking Authority

The central bank of the Blazed Nation is Woodrow Financial. This bank is governed/managed directly by the Office of Finance and the Blazed National Government.


A contract is a legally binding agreement entered in by two or more agents (citizens, bots, and/or companies). A contract defines a period to which it is to be considered "active", the period may optionally be indefinite. A contract enforces a series of requirements or terms to be satisfied, and shall define penalty and/or nullification procedure, should the contract be terminated by either party. The contract will also define the payment terms and amount(s).

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